Freeport, Maine is home to the Desert-of-Maine and this is quite the unexpected site for a desert. In the 1700s, the Tuttle's bought these 40 acres, and due to erosion, failure to rotate the crops properly, over-grazing the sheep, and just basic improper use, the land eroded to the glacial silt that was deposited over 11,000 years ago. The family sold it around 1919 for about $300, and not it has evolved into an attraction geared for families. It's educational, fun, and provides a variety of interesting things for the kids and the parents to do when they want something off the beaten path and out of the ordinary. Some of the activities that are available in this Desert-of-Maine include: - A variety of nature trails that are fun for the whole family and allow everyone to see some of the native wildlife, trees, and plants. - Everyone can go mining for various gems at the mining company – it's so exciting to actually sluice through the water and silt and find a beautiful gemstone – or even a fossil! - The great sand dunes are one of the most popular sites in the park and provide loads of fun for the kids. - Visitors can also create their own sand art as a memento of their visit. - Of course the Farm Museum is over 200 years old and is one of the original family's buildings. The Desert-of-Maine provides a variety of activities and fun for the whole family.