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The Marginal Way House is directly across from the beautiful Ogunquit Beach, and has been welcoming guests since 1911. As a great summer destination, Ogunquit has plenty to offer visitors, and this home is a perfect place to stay. Offering three room styles with cable TV, small refrigerators, hair dryers, and private bath rooms, they serve a start-your-day pot of coffee or tea each morning.

There are a number of services and activities that The Marginal Way offers their visitors, including:

1. A beautiful lawn awaits guests who want to enjoy the sun and watch the marvelous of Ogunquit Beach. Read a good book or relax with favorite music and just let the world go by!

2. How about a brisk morning swim? Put the swimming suit on and walk across the lawn to the beach and jump in – it's a great way to start the day!

3. For the more adventurous guests, Kayaking is an exciting way to spend a day, and access to the water to put the kayak in is very convenient – just a few steps away... read more arrow
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As a charming fishing village community set on the Ogunquit, Maine coast, Perkins Cove has much to offer visitors who want a relaxing vacation in completely different setting. A unique historical aspect to this area is that it was the original artist settlement for post-impressionists painters; in fact Betty Davis once lived nearby. It is an area rich in history, museums, antiques, and art galleries.

The Perkins Cove area has a lot of activities to capture the interest of many visitors to this area, such as:

1. A beautiful sandy beach stretching for three miles is rated as one of the best beaches in the northeast.

2. For visitors who love being on the ocean, there are many captains who offer whale watching cruises, lobstering, and even deep sea fishing for the fishing enthusiast.

3. Many travelers to this area collect antiques, and there is an abundance of dealers with unique artifacts for these collectors... read more arrow
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Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach is one of the most beautiful and celebrated areas in Maine. The historic and wonderful accommodations in the area offer an assortment of services for guests, as well as plenty of activities and entertainment to keep the guests enthusiastic. This is a great place for a summer vacation, and the fall foliage keeps guests returning each year.

Ogunquit Beach offers numerous activities and entertainment options for travelers, which include such things as:

1. Swimming and picnicking on the beach is a pastime that guests continue to enjoy year after year.

2. For guests who prefer being on the water, Kayaking is a great sport that is fun for people of all ages.

3. Some visitors to this area are looking for a great golf course, and the five courses in the area provide for great golfing adventures – just try to refrain from throwing the clubs into the nearby ocean!

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The excitement of the Ferris Wheel, Roller Coasters, and arcade in Palace Playland, offers guests an alternative to a day on the beach. Whether it is going on an exhilarating ride or playing games in the arcade, this playground offers a great amusement park that young and old can enjoy. For a reasonable price, visitors can spend a day participating in the assorted activities available.

There are many things to do at the Palace Playland that visitors can enjoy, such as:

1. A variety of kiddie's rides, including a beautiful carousel, bumper cars, a giant slide, a Dumbo ride, a whale ride on the water, and many more will keep the youngest guests having a really fun day!

2. Cascade Falls, a log ride along the twists and turns on the water route, ends in a splashing good time for the whole family.

3. The Tilt-A-Whirl and the Wave Swings also provide great rides for the adventurous family... read more arrow
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A premier beach in Maine is the Old Orchard Beach, and it's considered to be one of the most beautiful seaside communities in New England. Vacationers from all over can enjoy the ocean, beach, and available activities in this wonderful area. An assortment of great places to stay helps the guest get a restful night's sleep before the excitement of the next day's great adventure.

Several activities are available in this spectacular Old Orchard Beach area that includes:

1. For many visitors, staying in a hotel is not their preference, and for these travelers, there are full-service RV parks and over 4000 camp sites near the beach for guests choosing a more "outdoorsy" vacation.

2. The wide sandy beach stretches for seven miles and is great for those wanting an invigorating swim or to simply sit on the beach, get some sun, read a book, and relax.

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With the twin lighthouses at the far end of the road, it's simple to see where Two Lights State Park derived its name. It was opened in 1961 and contains 41 beautiful acres overlooking the rocky coast and beautiful shores. Residents and travelers have enjoyed this picturesque setting near the harbor-town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, with spectacular views of Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

This amazing Two Lights State Park has an abundance of activities that will keep guests returning and anticipating the trip, including:

1. The two lighthouses at the end of the road attract tourists from around the country. These were built in 1828 and were the first lighthouses on the Maine coast; however, they are not open for public access. The light on the east side is a fully active, automated lighthouse that is visible from 17 miles out.

2. For visitors who enjoy a hike followed by a picnic, scenic hiking and walking trails are available along with 60 picnic sites, complete with charcoal grills, and a covered pavilion that can accommodate up to 80 people... read more arrow
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With scenic hiking trails, excellent campgrounds, and many available activities, the Acadia National Park offers guess a refreshing place to spend their vacation days during the season. Offering a wide variety of activities to entertain any age, this park is a great place to get away from it all, relax, and rejuvenate the soul. Activities for the children and special events are available year around.

The Acadia National Park provides many things to do to help guests enjoy their holiday, including:

1. Beautiful, scenic hiking trails allowing the tourists to get close to nature and enjoy the inspiring flora and fauna.

2. A variety of outdoor campgrounds are available for those who prefer to spend all their time outdoors communing with nature.

3. The spectacular views of the fall foliage offer a myriad of photographic opportunities for the photographers wanting that "perfect shot".

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Located near the Kennebunkport River, Saint Anthony's Franciscan Monastery offers a unique destination providing visitors with a lifelong memory of a one of a kind vacation. A view of the Kennebunkport shipyard from the Monastery provides a stunning view of the surrounding scenery, and guests will find many interesting things to do at the site. This Tudor-style Monastery contains several areas for visitors to enjoy.

Visitors to Saint Anthony's Franciscan Monastery can stay at the guest house and participate in activities that include:

1. Discovered by Samuel de Champlain in 1604 this site is a historically significant area. Learn about the settlers who arrived in 1614, Sir William Pepperrell, William Rogers, and many others of historical note who lived here.

2. The Chapel that was completed in 1966 combines old style with modern appearance and contains the magnificent interior décor including stained glass windows, a beautiful altar, and amazing monuments... read more arrow
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One of the best treasures that locals and tourists alike enjoy is the Ogunquit Playhouse providing summer stock theater since 1933. A variety of stage legends over the last 85 years have performed to thrilled audiences, some of which include Maude Adams, Ethel Barrymore, Bette Davis, and other notable stars. Tickets are affordable, and there's a variety of performances that travels are sure to enjoy.

The Ogunquit Playhouse offers several exciting activities for tourists to enjoy, such as:

1. Summer stock plays, such as "A Chorus Line", "Hairspray", "Guys and Dolls" and many more offer summer tourists with Broadway-class entertainment that many will remember fondly for a lifetime.

2. Residents and temporary resident's children can participate in the Children's Theatre Program that offers training to children from five to eight years old, in an encouraging and nurturing setting... read more arrow
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Freeport, Maine is home to the Desert-of-Maine and this is quite the unexpected site for a desert. In the 1700s, the Tuttle's bought these 40 acres, and due to erosion, failure to rotate the crops properly, over-grazing the sheep, and just basic improper use, the land eroded to the glacial silt that was deposited over 11,000 years ago. The family sold it around 1919 for about $300, and not it has evolved into an attraction geared for families. It's educational, fun, and provides a variety of interesting things for the kids and the parents to do when they want something off the beaten path and out of the ordinary.

Some of the activities that are available in this Desert-of-Maine include:

- A variety of nature trails that are fun for the whole family and allow everyone to see some of the native wildlife, trees, and plants.

- Everyone can go mining for various gems at the mining company – it's so exciting to actually sluice through the water and silt and find a beautiful gemstone – or even a fossil!

- The great sand dunes are one of the most popular sites in the park and provide loads of fun for the kids... read more arrow

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