Located near the Kennebunkport River, Saint Anthony's Franciscan Monastery offers a unique destination providing visitors with a lifelong memory of a one of a kind vacation. A view of the Kennebunkport shipyard from the Monastery provides a stunning view of the surrounding scenery, and guests will find many interesting things to do at the site. This Tudor-style Monastery contains several areas for visitors to enjoy. Visitors to Saint Anthony's Franciscan Monastery can stay at the guest house and participate in activities that include: 1. Discovered by Samuel de Champlain in 1604 this site is a historically significant area. Learn about the settlers who arrived in 1614, Sir William Pepperrell, William Rogers, and many others of historical note who lived here. 2. The Chapel that was completed in 1966 combines old style with modern appearance and contains the magnificent interior décor including stained glass windows, a beautiful altar, and amazing monuments. 3. The gardens of the English park are a must see with gorgeous expansive lawns and the Lithuanian style shrines of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Way of the Cross. 4. A variety of classes are held which are unforgettable opportunities to learn about a variety of spiritual and artistic elements. 5. Many visitors come seeking special prayer a variety of prayers are available for guest's meditation times. 6. Guests can take a leisurely stroll through the gardens or sit and enjoy the ocean views. Guests are welcome to enjoy the peaceful Saint Anthony's Franciscan Monastery, to rest, meditate, and pray in this serene surrounding.