The Marginal Way House is directly across from the beautiful Ogunquit Beach, and has been welcoming guests since 1911. As a great summer destination, Ogunquit has plenty to offer visitors, and this home is a perfect place to stay. Offering three room styles with cable TV, small refrigerators, hair dryers, and private bath rooms, they serve a start-your-day pot of coffee or tea each morning.

There are a number of services and activities that The Marginal Way offers their visitors, including:

1. A beautiful lawn awaits guests who want to enjoy the sun and watch the marvelous of Ogunquit Beach. Read a good book or relax with favorite music and just let the world go by!

2. How about a brisk morning swim? Put the swimming suit on and walk across the lawn to the beach and jump in – it's a great way to start the day!

3. For the more adventurous guests, Kayaking is an exciting way to spend a day, and access to the water to put the kayak in is very convenient – just a few steps away.

4. And for those addicted to online games, or can't get away from e-mail for too long, a wi-fi hotspot is available from the main living room, and even a computer is available for guests without one.

5. A short walk into town provides an abundance of shopping for those wanting another activity.

For many people over the past hundred years, The Marginal Way House has provided a great escape and wonderful summer vacation spot.