This city has captured the imagination of many, with it’s motto being “Let Jersey Prosper” you really cannot go wrong while visiting the sear city of Hudson County. Indeed this is quite a spot for the rich and prosperous, with a population of 247,597 people, it is the second largest city in New Jersey. For someone who’s traveling and wishing for some entertaining hotspots it is clearly a happy thought to know that Jersey has quite a lot of museum as well as libraries and, for those with a shopping addiction, a lot of places that offer everything that one may ever require. For instance the Jersey Free Public Library has a lot to offer if you plan to expand your knowledge. Jersey City is very close to the New York media market and as such the daily papers are immediately available. The locals are some of the most interesting people that one can explore. Many have an active interest in their physical aspect and as such, a simple walk through the city will prove quite an exciting expedition. And while you’re at it you may as well wish to visit some of the city’s landmarks, such as the Church of our Lady of Grace situated in the 400 Willow avenue, with it’s red brick and wonderful, almost gothic construction. Or even the Hackensack Water Company Complex which, on its own, is some amazing tower, again in the red brick color that is characteristic to the city.