When traveling to Rhode Island, one of the most enjoyable places to spend the day is the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. This is one of the oldest zoos in America because it opened in 1872 and has been home to an assorted array of animals through the years. It is home to over 160 various species of animals, and is housed in over 40 acres. There are a variety of excellent exhibit in the Roger Williams Park Zoo, including: - An excellent African exhibit to find some of the most exotic species including elephants, giraffe, zebra, aoudads, and many more on this spectacular safari adventure - A Tropical rainforest display that has monkeys scampering through the canopy, along with flamingoes, a giant anteater porcupines, an anaconda and much more in this lush environment. - The North American exhibit is home to a magnificent bald eagle, along with buffalo, seals, and many more animals native to America. - The Australia exhibit features numerous animals from down under, as well as species native to Indonesia and New Guinea. This includes gibbons, kangaroo, wallaby, a kookaburra, and so many more. - The Marco Polo Trails where guests can see all the incredible animals Marco Polo experiences from Italy through the Bedouins deserts, all the way to China. Enjoy strolling along the Wetlands Trail, shopping in the gift shop and just enjoying the magnificent animals in the Roger Williams Park Zoo. This is a wonderful place for family and friends to send the day.