One of the most unique formations in the southwestern United States are the sandstone structures of the Arches National Park in southeastern Utah. Over 2000 sandstone arches are here with one of the most famous ones known as the 'Delicate Arch'. The park takes up almost 120 square miles of land containing balanced rocks, spires, and arches among the most unique that were formed during the Jurassic period. With so much to see, the Arches National Park has some fantastic activities that all members of the family will enjoy, such as: 1. Photographers and regular visitors alike will enjoy some of the most amazing arches and spires such as the Mesa Arch, the Organ fin, which is an incredible balanced rock, the Parade of Elephants Rocks, the Tower of Babel standing rocks, and the Fiery Furnace spires. All of these and many more will give visitors breathtaking vistas and memorable photographs. 2. The Windows Loop trail is a favorite of hikers who will see some incredible balanced rocks and spires along the trail. The Delicate Arch Trail and many more will provide hikers plenty of choices for their daily journey along the trails. 3. Campers have an abundance of campgrounds that are great for pitching a tent and cooking a great dinner at sunset over an open campfire. 4. Climbers will have some of the most incredible rock faces they will ever encounter and some great structures for climbing. The Arches National Park has some of the most amazing rock structures in the country.