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Utah Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Utah

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The southwestern area of Utah is home to the Zion National Park which is one of the most amazing parks in the country. Winding its way through the beautiful "Navaho Sandstone" is the beautiful Virgin River. With some of the most amazing scenery in that part of the country, this is a park that any one who enjoys the outdoors will want to return to many times over.

Some of the great things to see and do in this incredible Zion National Park include:

1. Nature lovers will see some of the most spectacular country around, and there are multitudes of hiking and biking trails throughout this 229 square mile park. The Watchman Trail has some of the most spectacular views of the Virgin River in the whole park.

2. Professional and amateur photographers will find some of the best material in the world to work on their photographic skills.

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Most people think of wide open spaces when they think of Utah, but the Foothill Cultural District is one of the most interesting places in all of Utah for tourists to visit. Located in the midst of Salt Lake City, Utah, there are some great places to spend a day. With a variety of gardens, cultural and historical centers, museums, shopping, and entertainment for the whole family, there's plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

For tourists looking for a really unique place to visit, the Foothill Cultural District has some great activities for the whole family, including the following:

1. One of the most important historical areas for Mormon culture is the "This is The Place Heritage Park, which is noted as the place where the original Mormon settlers started the community.

2. The Red Butte Garden and Arboretum has some of the most beautiful flowers in the country. They have such a great variety of flowers blooming throughout the seasons and it's a great place to have a picnic and take a nice walk... read more arrow
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One of the most interesting places to spend a day near Salt Lake City, Utah is the Utah Museum of Natural History. Most travelers enjoy spending time and learning about the culture and history of the area, as well as the geological history throughout the ages. Visiting this excellent museum will provide the guest not just an education about the area, but some insight into the last 200 million years of the geology of the area.

Some of the activities that are available at the Utah Museum of Natural History include the following:

1. Dinosaurs have fascinated people since the days of the cave man, and the Year of the Dinosaur exhibit and Paleontology Hall contains a great collection of dinosaur bones and fossils.

2. Range Creek is a permanent exhibit in the museum highlighting the native Fremonts who inhabited the area as far back as 1500 years ago... read more arrow
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One of the most truly amazing places in the western part of America is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in southern Utah. It covers over 1.2 million acres of national park land and features parks, canyons, rivers, a national monument, and truly some of the most spectacular scenery. The Park was instituted in 1972 as a national park as a way to maintain the geologic attributes of the area.

With so much to see in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, travelers will find some of the following activities a great way to spend the day:

1. Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a natural rock formation that is made from Sandstone. It is believe that this was formed sometime around the Jurassic era and it is a sacred site to the Pueblo, Navajo, and Piute tribes.

2. Another spectacular area that guests will find scenic and incredible is the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument that was designated as a national monument in the mid 1990s... read more arrow
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The Capitol Reef National Park is an amazing natural structure called a monocline that is basically a "wrinkle" in the crust of the planet and extends from Lake Powell to the Thousand Lakes Mountain. It was identified as a national park to protect one of the most unique geologic structures in the southwestern part of Utah. It is a most fascinating geologic structure and supports some interesting history and culture in the area.

With over 378 square miles of some of the most unique scenery in the world, the Capitol Reef National Park has some features and activities that visitors will surely enjoy, such as:

1. Photographers, both amateur and professional, will find this area has some of the most breathtaking scenery that will provide some incredible photographic possibilities.

2. Campers and RVers will find some great places to pitch a tent or park and RV that provides a great area for a picnic, a hike, or a bicycle ride to help get back to nature... read more arrow
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Situated near the border of Colorado and Utah, the Dinosaur National Monument sits near the Uinta Mountain range. What makes this corner of the world so popular with visitors is the abundant dinosaur pit that contains dinosaur bones and fossils that will fascinate people of any age. It's a very well-liked place for guests to visit and great for a vacation place.

There are a variety of things to do in and around the Dinosaur National Monument, such as:

1. Part of the Dinosaur Quarry is called the "Dinosaur Wall" that is a very steep rock wall that is full of dinosaur bones and fossils. Much of the rock has been removed so that the guests can see an abundance of these bones.

2. For the boaters in the group, a boating excursion through one of the river canyons can be a relaxing adventure and makes for a very enjoyable day.

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Southwestern Utah is home to some of the most spectacular scenery, and Bryce Canyon National Park is truly one of the highlights of this area, that all visitors will want to see. It was settle in the 1850s by a family of Mormons, and was established as a national park and monument in the early 1920s. Covering only 56 square miles, but with its orange, white, red rock formations, it is truly spectacular.

With such and abundance of scenery and outdoor activities, Bryce Canyon National Park is a destination that everyone should see once in their lives, and includes such activities and vistas as the following:

1. Hikers, backpackers, and picnickers will find this is one of the best places in the world to see the canyons and the spectacular Colorado River that winds its way through the canyon walls.

2. Astronomy aficionados brining their telescopes will find this is one of the best places in the country to get a tremendous, unobstructed view of the stars... read more arrow
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One of the most unique formations in the southwestern United States are the sandstone structures of the Arches National Park in southeastern Utah. Over 2000 sandstone arches are here with one of the most famous ones known as the "Delicate Arch". The park takes up almost 120 square miles of land containing balanced rocks, spires, and arches among the most unique that were formed during the Jurassic period.

With so much to see, the Arches National Park has some fantastic activities that all members of the family will enjoy, such as:

1. Photographers and regular visitors alike will enjoy some of the most amazing arches and spires such as the Mesa Arch, the Organ fin, which is an incredible balanced rock, the Parade of Elephants Rocks, the Tower of Babel standing rocks, and the Fiery Furnace spires. All of these and many more will give visitors breathtaking vistas and memorable photographs... read more arrow
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Salt Lake City, Utah, is home of the most famous tabernacle in the country and Temple Square is one of the most visited sites that was created by the Moron parishioners. This complex covers ten acres and includes a variety of temples, tabernacles, and monuments dedicated to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that was established by Brigham Young in the mid 1800s.

With some of the most beautiful music coming out of this site, a visit to the Temple Square will be something guests will remember, with activities that include the following:

1. An activity that everyone will want to do is hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They are known world wide for their incredible voices and music and generally they are rehearsing at 8:00 on Thursday evenings or their church services on Sunday mornings.

2. One item that every visitor must see is the Mormon Tabernacle's organ which has grown to nearly 12,000 pipes and produces the most incredible sounds found anywhere... read more arrow
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Of the over 207,000 acres that cross Wyoming and Utah, the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is one of the most spectacularly scenic places in this area – and there are some incredible parks in this part of America. This is a vast area with an enormous lake that is fed by the Green River. It received its name around 1970 when Major Powell name it after he saw the dazzling red rocks reflecting the sun's rays. At a little over 6000 feet in elevation, the water is cool and wonderful during the hot summer months.

There are several great activities available around the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area such as the following:

1. With the enormous lake, all of the popular swimming and boating activities are available, as well as jet skis, parasailing, rafting, house boating, water skiing, and sailing.

2. Fishermen will be in absolute heaven in this area because the fishing for kokanee salmon and bass are great, but it's best known for the trout fishing... read more arrow
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Adventurers and nature lovers enjoy scenic Utah, and Canyonlands National Park is another of the great parks that is near the town of Moab towards the southeastern portion of Utah. With it's abundance of mesas, buttes, and canyons along the Colorado River, this land is a wonderful and miraculous place to visit. It is a spectacular area, covering 527 square miles of incredible lookouts, the magnificent Colorado River, and much more; this beautiful park must be added to the destinations list.

There is an abundance of activities to do in the Canyonlands National Park, which includes the following:

1. The multicolored canyons, buttes, and mesas boast some of the most incredible scenery of any place – photographers will be absolutely delighted, and travelers will be in awe of its breathtaking beauty.

2. For the adventurous-minded travelers, there are some incredible trails for hiking and backpacking, four-wheeling, and bicycling... read more arrow
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When visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, make sure the Red Butte Garden is on the agenda of great places to visit. This is a beautiful arboretum that covers approximately 18 acres of land that is home to some great hiking trails, lush vegetation, and beautiful gardens. It actually became the official State Arboretum in 1961 and in 1983, an additional 100 acres was added for the gardens.

Since many people enjoy strolling through beautiful gardens, the Red Butte Garden is a must see in this area, and with the following activities:

1. There is an abundance of flowers from all over the world, as well as Utah native plants, that horticulturalist will thoroughly enjoy.

2. There are a variety of classes for gardeners that are available around the year.

3. They also support several art shows thorough the year as well including the works of Jeff Beck and Devon Sullivan... read more arrow
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Taking the back roads is a popular way of exploring this great country, and the Scenic Byway 12 is one of the most incredible scenic highways in American. Starting at Red Canyon and meandering 124 miles to Bolder Mountain, and is one of the most incredible back roads in the country. Plan in spending a day making the drive, or a few days to camp out along the way or park the RV.

There are some spectacular places to visit along the Scenic Byway 12 in Utah, that include such sites as:

1. Starting at Red Canyon, drive through the incredible rock formations that are vermillion colored with the great Ponderosa pines lining the roadside along the way.

2. Along the way is Bryce Canyon National Park with some of the most incredible scenic lookouts in the world. There are also some great trails for hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding here.

3. Another great area to visit is Pine Lake, for visitors who enjoy fishing and would like to spend a few nights camping in this area... read more arrow
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Burr Trail is a 66 mile long road that was, at one time, an old cattle trail in Utah. It begins near Boulder and meanders its way along to Ticaboo which is on the Lake Powell shoreline. For visitors traveling to this area, there are some of the most incredibly scenic places to hike, camp, or just take a drive through along this old trail in southeastern Utah with some of the most incredible views of the Henry Mountains that can be seen.

Some of the great activities to do along this road include the following:

1. For campers, Deer Creek is a great place for camping, so pitch the tent or park the RV and enjoy the nearby hiking trails and scenery.

2. Long Canyon is one of the most colorful gorges in the area, and photographers will have some great material for pictures along this area.

3. For those who have never seen a herd of live buffalo, the Henry Mountain area boasts several herds that are easily seen... read more arrow
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Southeastern Utah has some incredible scenery and the Hole in the Rock is no exception to the vast expanse and beauty of the Glen Canyon area. It is an historical path through some of the most rugged country imaginable. This area was discovered by a group of Mormons on their way west when they found this narrow rocky crevice leading directly down to the river, providing them a way to cross. Just think about coming through this area in a covered wagon around 130 years ago.

With some spectacular scenery, the Hole in the Rock area is a great place for a vacation, and offers some of the following activities:

1. The scenic Hole in the Rock is a must-see place that photographers will have some photographic opportunities that they will remember for a lifetime. Bus tours are available at the guest center.

2. For travelers with little kiddos, a small petting zoo is available that houses zebras, buffalos, a Bactrian camel, and several other exotic animals... read more arrow
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Another great place in southern Utah is Coyote Gulch, which is located of a fork of the Escalante River. Extending through 25 miles of gorges, deep canyons, arches, bridges, and domes that have created some of the most spectacular vistas in this part of the country, this vast gulch is a destination that travelers through this area need to spend some time visiting.

With numerous places to see, Coyote Gulch has some very interesting places to see and activities available, including the following:

1. Some of the scenic gulches in this area include "Spooky Gulch" which widens in some places to no more than 15", "Peek-a-boo Gulch", which is a narrow sandstone ravine that has some very interesting attributes to see.

2. Hikers have a variety of great trails, and some of the most popular are the "Red Well", "Big Hollow Wash", "Hurricane Wash", and "Chimney Rock" – all with spectacular panoramic views and challenging paths... read more arrow
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Northern Utah is home to the Great Salt Lake, which is the largest inland salt lake in North America, and covers over 1700 square miles. It is the last remaining trace of a lake from prehistoric eras, and it has a much higher salt concentration than any ocean, and very popular for people who don't swim well – because they will all float in this briny lake. Some people have even nicknamed this lake "American's Dead Sea" because of this aspect. It is located northwest of Salt Lake City, Utah.

When visiting this Great Salt Lake, there are a variety of activities available in the area, including:

1. Boating along this lake is very popular for everyone who enjoys boating, jet skis, or sailing – just be sure to look out for the famous North Shore Monster of olden lore.

2. Bird watchers will thoroughly love the area because of the abundance of bird that inhabit this many marshes including sandpipers, bald eagles, avocets, swans, and many more exotic and rare birds... read more arrow
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When visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, one of the most enjoyable places to see is the Clark Planetarium. It has a 55 foot dome and has a very unique interactive seating that allow the 205 guests an unobstructed view of the projections of the milky way, the galaxy, and the universe. It was opened in April of 2003 and has been a popular destination of tourists since the doors first opened.

The Clark Planetarium has a variety of events and activities that are available, which include:

1. The Hansen Dome Theater is the central point of this planetarium, having daily shows throughout the year of various parts of the skies, which includes such shows as "Night Vision", "Ultimate Universe", and "Gateway to the Stars".

2. Science and nature lovers will find the shows at the IMAX theater thrilling. With a wide variety of topics throughout the year, this theater offers some incredible 2D and 3D shows... read more arrow
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Washington Square is one of the busiest gathering places in Salt Lake City, Utah. With plenty of places to shop, great restaurants for dining, and entertainment galore, it's a great place to spend a day. Be sure to watch the calendar for great events each week that are happening along the square.

Some of the great activities that are available along Washington Square include the following:

1. For those fortunate enough to be here during the second week in July, the International Jazz Festival is a great venue to attend. This is a three day festival that features great music from Motown and a variety of blues and jazz artists.

2. For the shoppers in the group, there are some great places to shop including the Williams-Sonoma Store, the Panguitch Lake General Store, and many other great places to spend a day shopping... read more arrow
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This is the Place Heritage Park is one of the best attractions of Utah, USA. Situated at the foothills of Wasatch Range close to the mouth of Emigration Canyon, the park covers about 450 acres of lush green area. The Park is a popular tourist destination because it reflects the glorious past of Utah. The visitors are made to relive the past of Utah through the historic setting of the park. The park also acts as a venue for various activities and events sponsored by private, community, business and civic organizations. The mission of the park is to promote and preserve the historical heritage of Utah.

The park primarily portrays the 19th century frontier life. Knowledgeable interpreters accompany the visitors in order to explain every activity replicated in the park. The visitors will experience the lifestyle of the bygone eras while touring the park... read more arrow
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Sugar House is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Utah in Salt Lake City, USA. The area is popular mostly for the presence of Westminster College. The area had its name because of the Sugar beet test factory owned by the Deseret manufacturing Company. The wife of the then mayor of Salt Lake City, Margaret Macmeans Smoot suggested the name of the area as Sugar house. The place is replete with rich cultural heritage and is still regarded as in important tourist destination. Sugar House is one of the best and poshest neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.

The shady boulevards and the upscale properties are the characteristics of this sophisticated neighborhood. The old style houses of the area are a major attraction. From stately Tudors and classic bungalows to Victorian Villas, Ranches and Rambler, the area is famous for its intricately designed brick houses... read more arrow
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The Gateway District is one of the largest open air office, residential and retail complex in Salt lake City, Utah. The place can be better described as an entertainment hub of the city. Situated around the legendary Union Pacific Depot, gateway district is a major tourist attraction in the downtown Salt Lake City. The complex houses about 150 restaurants and stores.

The establishment of the Gateway District is perceived as the first phase of urban redevelopment plan prior to the Winter Olympics of 2002, which was held in Utah. The first phase of construction included building of the office complexes, North Gate apartments, the gateway Mall and the renovation of the Depot. Other important buildings of the complex include the Discovery gateway which is a children's museum, the MegaPlex 12, the Clark Planetarium and the Salt lake Tribune newspaper. The Energy Solutions is located on the opposite side of the street... read more arrow
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The Utah State Capitol is the seat of all the 3 branches of Utah government and several other state agencies. Architect Richard K. A. Kletting designed the capitol in the year 1912. The construction of Utah State Capitol was completed in the year 1916. The capitol is one of the grandest buildings of Salt Lake City. Kletting used different modern construction techniques and materials which includes electric lighting, elevators and reinforced concrete while building the Capitol. The interiors of this magnificent structure have undergone several facelift over the years.

The year 2004 was kind of a rebirth for the Utah State Capitol. An extensive renovation plan was taken up for restoring the glory of this historical building. The building is not only an important government seat; it is also a major tourist attraction of the region. The capitol building is considered to be an engineering achievement because of the wonderful technology used to build it... read more arrow
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Liberty Park is the second largest public park of Utah in Salt Lake City. The park covers an area of 80 acres and has two islands, one pond and a beautiful aviary within its premises. The park is filled with entertainment facilities and is famous for its scenic beauty. Some of the important features of the park include playgrounds, amusement rides (seasonal) , greenhouse, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pool, picnic areas, concession stands, bowery, restrooms, playgrounds for children, jogging and cycling track, rollerblading facilities, boating options and recreational games.

The park authorities take special initiative in making the place more attractive during festivals. The Liberty Park is the venue of Firework's display arranged on the Pioneer's Day of Salt Lake City. The park has a model sculpture of the Jordan River and its territories within its premises... read more arrow
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The International Peace Gardens are a beautiful botanical garden situated in the Jordan Park of Salt Lake City, Utah. The garden was conceptualized in the year 1939 and was dedicated to International Peace in 1952. The International Peace Gardens attracts thousands of tourists across the world every year. The Park was established with the help of Mrs Otto Ruey Wiesley who worked for the Salt Lake City Parks Superintendent, the Salt Lake Council of Women and the Mayor. Till date the Garden is under the vigilance of Salt lake Council of Women Past Presidents Council.

The specialty of the International Peace gardens is its variety of plants. Native plants from many lands are brought to this park for conservation. From Alpine Edelweiss and Magnolia to Swedish Lilacs and Dutch tulips, the garden is a haven for tourists. The park is located by the side of River Jordan. Thus it has a picturesque setting as well... read more arrow
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Mount Timpanogos is the 2nd highest mountain of the Wasatch Range in Utah. The mountain is 11,749 feet from the sea level and is presently situated within the premises of the Uinta National Forest that is now a part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Mount Timpanogos overlooks the Utah valley including the cities of Orem, Provo, Lehi, American Fork, Pleasant Grove and Lindon. The mountain is supposedly 300 million years old and is made up of dolomite and limestone of the Pennsylvanian period. The part of Wasatch Range where Mount Timpanogos is situated experiences heavy snowfall in winter and sudden avalanches in both spring and winter.

Timpanogos is one of the most popular hiking destinations of Utah. Hikers visit the spot throughout the year. Hiking during winters on Mount Timpanogos require special skill. Though the climatic conditions are adverse during the winter but hikers from across the world visit this peak throughout the year... read more arrow
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St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral is situated in Utah, Salt Lake City. It is the cathedral of the Diocese of Utah. The church was built in the year 1871 and is the 3rd oldest Episcopal cathedral of USA. Renowned architect Richard Upjohn designed the church in the Gothic Revival Style. The church was added to the list of National Register of Historic places in the year 1970. The Cathedral was sanctified in the year 1874. A fire gutted the sanctuary in the year 1935 but was rebuilt in the original design soon after. It is one of the most important religious seats of the country.

The architectural beauty is the major attraction of the St Mark's cathedral. The cathedral had a great impact on the community as a result of which by 1880 several educational institutions and hospitals were set up under the aegis of the church... read more arrow
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Rice-Eccles Stadium is the most premier stadium in Intermountain region, and serves the six-state area of Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Nevada. It is an on-campus outdoor football stadium located by the University of Utah in Utah. It can easily be accessed from Salt Lake International Airport, by traveling 20 mins east. It serves as the home field to Utah Utes of the Mountain West Conference. Immediately to the south of the stadium is the famous Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Cauldron Park.

It has played host to a string of prestigious events like EA Sports Supercross, 2002 Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, world-class football and soccer matches and even popular concerts like U2 and the Rolling Stones. Because of the wide range of events held here, Rice-Eccles Stadium is popular to all and sundry, irrespective of age group.

In 1995 Salt Lake City got awarded in 2002 Winter Olympics ... read more arrow
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Right on the south end of the Rice-Eccles Stadium, which is located on the campus of the University of Utah, is Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Cauldron Park. It is the same plaza where both the opening and closing ceremonies of XIX Olympic Winter Games was held. The main purpose of the park is to help the public share many of the magical experiences which made 2002 Olympic Winter Games an unforgettable, once in a life time affair.

The main attraction is off course the cauldron, lit during the games. It's surrounded by a landscaped reflective pool and several cascades. The interior of the cauldron is featured by cascading waterfall .Created by WET Design of Los Angeles, California and built by Arrow Dynamics of Utah, it's quite a sight. It's operational till date and lit during special occasions like the opening weekend of Olympics. The large outdoor panels, located south of the cauldron, houses memoirs from the Salt Lake 2002 Games... read more arrow
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The Children's Museum of Utah is now known as the Discovery Gateway. It is considered to be an amazing children's museum situated in the Salt Lake City, USA. The museum covers an area of about 60,000 square feet. The museum came into being in the year 1978 and the doors were opened to the public in 1983. Initially the Discovery gateway was housed in the Wasatch Warm Springs building. The museum started functioning with only 8 exhibits. By the year 1998, Discovery gateway had 140 exhibits and about 15000 square feet of public area. Slowly, the Wasatch Warm Springs building didn't have adequate space to accommodate the increasing exhibits of the Museum. Thus in September 2005, the museum was shifted to a larger space in the Gateway district of Salt Lake City. After a year in 2006 the museum was renamed as Discovery Gateway.

The museum is designed keeping in mind the nature of kids... read more arrow
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Golden Spike National Historic Site is announced to be a U.S. National Historic Site. The attraction is situated at Promontory Summit, which is in the northern part of the Great Salt Lake of Utah. The site memorializes the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad. The Transcontinental rail road is the place where the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad met each other I the year 1869. The final union of the two rails covering the continent was marked by driving the traditional Golden Spike. It is now regarded as a tourist destination of Utah for its historical importance and scenic beauty.

The Golden Spike National Historic Site covers an area of about 2,735 acres of land. In the year 2002, the site received about 50,000 visitors. The site was certified as a National Historic site under non-federal possession... read more arrow

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