The International Peace Gardens are a beautiful botanical garden situated in the Jordan Park of Salt Lake City, Utah. The garden was conceptualized in the year 1939 and was dedicated to International Peace in 1952. The International Peace Gardens attracts thousands of tourists across the world every year. The Park was established with the help of Mrs Otto Ruey Wiesley who worked for the Salt Lake City Parks Superintendent, the Salt Lake Council of Women and the Mayor. Till date the Garden is under the vigilance of Salt lake Council of Women Past Presidents Council. The specialty of the International Peace gardens is its variety of plants. Native plants from many lands are brought to this park for conservation. From Alpine Edelweiss and Magnolia to Swedish Lilacs and Dutch tulips, the garden is a haven for tourists. The park is located by the side of River Jordan. Thus it has a picturesque setting as well. The garden was created with the aim of uniting different countries of the world. Presently the International Peace gardens has 26 nations participating in it. Every nation is allotted a plot where they have created a picturesque landscape by using unique garden architecture and planting tress native to the respective land. Every section of the garden assures the visitors with a new experience. Several cultural events are held at the international Peace gardens. From festivals of Norway and Japan to local marriages and festivals, everything is celebrated in this beautiful garden. The Swedish Summer festival and the Norwegian Independence Day parade are the main attractions of the park.