Salt Lake City is the capital of the state of Utah and lies to the north central region of the state. The city is well known for being the trade centre for the state of Utah and that is the main economical activity. It boosts of manufacturing industries and the mining industry is vast with silver, iron ore, copper and coal being the major minerals. Salt Lake City has one particular major landmark that would be very difficult to miss even if one is on a touring visit or just passing through. The history of the Mormons and their settlement unfolds in this city. Their headquarters were established here and in the city there are two major buildings for their followers. The church of the Latter-day Saints was established after the land was discovered by Brigham Young and other Mormons in 1847. Young was the prophet, president and leader of the twelve disciples of the church. Initially ten acres surrounded the Mormon Temple as well as the Mormon Tabernacle which the pioneers built in 1893 and 1867 respectively. Salt Lake City also houses a Symphony Hall where the Symphony Orchestra plays its glory. The city also has a taste for the arts as seen by the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, one of the places that must be visited. The winters bring in a lot of snow which draw in tourists from around the world for outdoor sports, of which the greatest is skiing. These recreational sports are a major attraction to the state. The Winter Olympics of 2002 were hosted by Salt Lake City.