The Gateway District is one of the largest open air office, residential and retail complex in Salt lake City, Utah. The place can be better described as an entertainment hub of the city. Situated around the legendary Union Pacific Depot, gateway district is a major tourist attraction in the downtown Salt Lake City. The complex houses about 150 restaurants and stores. The establishment of the Gateway District is perceived as the first phase of urban redevelopment plan prior to the Winter Olympics of 2002, which was held in Utah. The first phase of construction included building of the office complexes, North Gate apartments, the gateway Mall and the renovation of the Depot. Other important buildings of the complex include the Discovery gateway which is a children's museum, the MegaPlex 12, the Clark Planetarium and the Salt lake Tribune newspaper. The Energy Solutions is located on the opposite side of the street. In the year 2004, a few more units were constructed at the site. Among them special mention has to be made of the 12 storied condominium tower called The Parc. The building overlooks the Olympic legacy Plaza with some of the units being sold at more than 500,000 dollars. Presently the gateway District is undergoing expansion. An eight storied building covering 230,000 square feet area is built for the sole possession of Fidelity Investments in the northeastern part of the complex. More retain spaces are also under construction. A store of the reputed Apple computers is the latest addition to this prestigious retail complex.