When visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, make sure the Red Butte Garden is on the agenda of great places to visit. This is a beautiful arboretum that covers approximately 18 acres of land that is home to some great hiking trails, lush vegetation, and beautiful gardens. It actually became the official State Arboretum in 1961 and in 1983, an additional 100 acres was added for the gardens. Since many people enjoy strolling through beautiful gardens, the Red Butte Garden is a must see in this area, and with the following activities: 1. There is an abundance of flowers from all over the world, as well as Utah native plants, that horticulturalist will thoroughly enjoy. 2. There are a variety of classes for gardeners that are available around the year. 3. They also support several art shows thorough the year as well including the works of Jeff Beck and Devon Sullivan. 4. As with many botanical gardens and arboretums throughout the country, these are very popular setting for musical concerts. Check out their list of summer series concerts. 5. There are also several great hiking trails in and around the garden that are challenging, scenic, and enjoyable. 6. Monday nights in the summer are their Family nights – bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the great music provided throughout the gardens. When searching for a really beautiful botanical garden and arboretum, be sure to see the Red Butte Garden that is part of the University of Utah in the great Salt Lake City, Utah.