Northern Utah is home to the Great Salt Lake, which is the largest inland salt lake in North America, and covers over 1700 square miles. It is the last remaining trace of a lake from prehistoric eras, and it has a much higher salt concentration than any ocean, and very popular for people who don't swim well – because they will all float in this briny lake. Some people have even nicknamed this lake 'American's Dead Sea' because of this aspect. It is located northwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. When visiting this Great Salt Lake, there are a variety of activities available in the area, including: 1. Boating along this lake is very popular for everyone who enjoys boating, jet skis, or sailing – just be sure to look out for the famous North Shore Monster of olden lore. 2. Bird watchers will thoroughly love the area because of the abundance of bird that inhabit this many marshes including sandpipers, bald eagles, avocets, swans, and many more exotic and rare birds. 3. Be sure to look for the pink Flamingo named 'Pink Floyd' while out looking at the wildlife in the area. 4. A trip to one of the many islands along the lake is a great way to spend the day, have a picnic, and do some floating. 5. Fishermen will find that they have to seek a nearby river, because there are no fish in this brackish lake. This Great Salt Lake is a beautiful area for camping, boating, swimming, and spending a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in the northern part of Utah.