One of the most interesting places to spend a day near Salt Lake City, Utah is the Utah Museum of Natural History. Most travelers enjoy spending time and learning about the culture and history of the area, as well as the geological history throughout the ages. Visiting this excellent museum will provide the guest not just an education about the area, but some insight into the last 200 million years of the geology of the area. Some of the activities that are available at the Utah Museum of Natural History include the following: 1. Dinosaurs have fascinated people since the days of the cave man, and the Year of the Dinosaur exhibit and Paleontology Hall contains a great collection of dinosaur bones and fossils. 2. Range Creek is a permanent exhibit in the museum highlighting the native Fremonts who inhabited the area as far back as 1500 years ago. 3. The budding geologists in the group will enjoy the Norton Mineral Hall that is home to a plethora of gemstones, minerals, rocks, and some amazing crystals. 4. For the marine enthusiast the Glory of the Sea exhibit features the fossils of shells and marine life from the area from over 93 million years ago. 5. Guests finding anthropology fascinating will enjoy the Cooper Hall of Anthropology that contains over 750,000 relics and over 2000 specimens of the historical culture of the area. The Utah Museum of Natural History is a great place to spend a fascinating day enjoying the history and culture of the area.