When visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, one of the most enjoyable places to see is the Clark Planetarium. It has a 55 foot dome and has a very unique interactive seating that allow the 205 guests an unobstructed view of the projections of the milky way, the galaxy, and the universe. It was opened in April of 2003 and has been a popular destination of tourists since the doors first opened. The Clark Planetarium has a variety of events and activities that are available, which include: 1. The Hansen Dome Theater is the central point of this planetarium, having daily shows throughout the year of various parts of the skies, which includes such shows as 'Night Vision', 'Ultimate Universe', and 'Gateway to the Stars'. 2. Science and nature lovers will find the shows at the IMAX theater thrilling. With a wide variety of topics throughout the year, this theater offers some incredible 2D and 3D shows. Such shows include movies about Black Holes, visits to Mars, and many more. 3. There are a variety of educational programs during the year that visitors will find fascinating; along with some amazing interactive demos. 4. Don't forget to visit the gift shop and store to take home a great book, toy, science kit, or souvenir of this wonderful planetarium. 5. For the true astronomy lovers, the Astronomy clubs provide some excellent resources including telescopes and helpful hints. One of the most enjoyable places to see during a visit to the Great Salt Lake City is the Clark Planetarium.