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Washington Square

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Washington Square is one of the busiest gathering places in Salt Lake City, Utah. With plenty of places to shop, great restaurants for dining, and entertainment galore, it's a great place to spend a day. Be sure to watch the calendar for great events each week that are happening along the square.

Some of the great activities that are available along Washington Square include the following:

1. For those fortunate enough to be here during the second week in July, the International Jazz Festival is a great venue to attend. This is a three day festival that features great music from Motown and a variety of blues and jazz artists.

2. For the shoppers in the group, there are some great places to shop including the Williams-Sonoma Store, the Panguitch Lake General Store, and many other great places to spend a day shopping.

3. There are several great art galleries where a variety of local and national artists display their pieces of art and sculptures, and visitors can take home a great piece of art.

4. When it's time to eat, there are some great places for dining from the Katmandu Restaurant, the Copper Onion, and a variety of restaurants at the Gateway Mall that are just a few of the great choices.

5. And when its time to work off all the fine dining, a fitness club is available nearby.

For those who want to spend the day shopping, eating, and attending some great concerts or festivals, be sure to check out Washington Square.

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