The Children's Museum of Utah is now known as the Discovery Gateway. It is considered to be an amazing children's museum situated in the Salt Lake City, USA. The museum covers an area of about 60,000 square feet. The museum came into being in the year 1978 and the doors were opened to the public in 1983. Initially the Discovery gateway was housed in the Wasatch Warm Springs building. The museum started functioning with only 8 exhibits. By the year 1998, Discovery gateway had 140 exhibits and about 15000 square feet of public area. Slowly, the Wasatch Warm Springs building didn't have adequate space to accommodate the increasing exhibits of the Museum. Thus in September 2005, the museum was shifted to a larger space in the Gateway district of Salt Lake City. After a year in 2006 the museum was renamed as Discovery Gateway. The museum is designed keeping in mind the nature of kids. All the exhibits are interactive in nature. The second floor of the museum has the garden where the kids can play music, peep into a 'penny drop', shop in a market, do construction or feed animals. There is a special area named Kid's Eye view which is prepared for the kids below the age of three. There is the Story factory in the third floor of Discovery Gateway where kids can make an animated film or draw comic characters or put up a play. The 'Studio' area is a place where art, invention and science meet to provide the little ones with a memorable experience. Several children's programmes are arranged within the museum aimed at enriching the knowledge of kids.