St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral is situated in Utah, Salt Lake City. It is the cathedral of the Diocese of Utah. The church was built in the year 1871 and is the 3rd oldest Episcopal cathedral of USA. Renowned architect Richard Upjohn designed the church in the Gothic Revival Style. The church was added to the list of National Register of Historic places in the year 1970. The Cathedral was sanctified in the year 1874. A fire gutted the sanctuary in the year 1935 but was rebuilt in the original design soon after. It is one of the most important religious seats of the country. The architectural beauty is the major attraction of the St Mark's cathedral. The cathedral had a great impact on the community as a result of which by 1880 several educational institutions and hospitals were set up under the aegis of the church. Special mention can be made of the Rowland Hall School, Saint Mark's School for boys and the Mark's Hospital. New construction began within the cathedral premises in the year 2005. The Dean's Hall, some offices and meeting spaces were constructed during that time. The Cathedral hall is often used for arranging musical and civic events. The Dean's Hall is a wonderful event venue. It can accommodate at least 250 people for a dinner. The cathedral organizes several outreach programmes which includes Community of faith celebrations, Feed My Sheep programme, celebrations of Community of Hope and Hildegarde's Pantry. Tourists across the world come to this cathedral in order to perceive the Gothic revival architecture and get an idea about the glorious religious past of Utah.