Liberty Park is the second largest public park of Utah in Salt Lake City. The park covers an area of 80 acres and has two islands, one pond and a beautiful aviary within its premises. The park is filled with entertainment facilities and is famous for its scenic beauty. Some of the important features of the park include playgrounds, amusement rides (seasonal) , greenhouse, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pool, picnic areas, concession stands, bowery, restrooms, playgrounds for children, jogging and cycling track, rollerblading facilities, boating options and recreational games. The park authorities take special initiative in making the place more attractive during festivals. The Liberty Park is the venue of Firework's display arranged on the Pioneer's Day of Salt Lake City. The park has a model sculpture of the Jordan River and its territories within its premises. The children can play in this sculpture fountain in the summers. Sundays are the best day for visiting Liberty Park. The Drum Circles of the park are very popular in the area. An extensive variety of people, pets, musical instruments and dancers gather at the park to form several drum circles. The Tracy aviary housed within the Liberty Park is the chief attraction. The aviary covers about 8 acres of the parkland and is home to 135 species of common, rare and endangered species. The Chase Home Museum of Folk Arts and a bunch of historical buildings are situated within the Liberty Park. There was once a zoo within the park which has now been shifted to a different location and is known as the Hogle zoo.