Burr Trail is a 66 mile long road that was, at one time, an old cattle trail in Utah. It begins near Boulder and meanders its way along to Ticaboo which is on the Lake Powell shoreline. For visitors traveling to this area, there are some of the most incredibly scenic places to hike, camp, or just take a drive through along this old trail in southeastern Utah with some of the most incredible views of the Henry Mountains that can be seen. Some of the great activities to do along this road include the following: 1. For campers, Deer Creek is a great place for camping, so pitch the tent or park the RV and enjoy the nearby hiking trails and scenery. 2. Long Canyon is one of the most colorful gorges in the area, and photographers will have some great material for pictures along this area. 3. For those who have never seen a herd of live buffalo, the Henry Mountain area boasts several herds that are easily seen. Just be careful and don't get too close – particularly if their tails are raised! 4. This trail has some great areas for mountain bikers to enjoy the scenic routes and challenging trails. 5. Make sure to see the Capitol Reef Waterpocket Fold and the Circle Cliffs for some additional scenery not available anywhere else in the world. The Burr Trail is an incredibly scenic place in southeastern Utah winding along an unbelievable 66 mile road where canyons, buttes, cliffs, spires, and incredible scenery line the way.