The southwestern area of Utah is home to the Zion National Park which is one of the most amazing parks in the country. Winding its way through the beautiful 'Navaho Sandstone' is the beautiful Virgin River. With some of the most amazing scenery in that part of the country, this is a park that any one who enjoys the outdoors will want to return to many times over. Some of the great things to see and do in this incredible Zion National Park include: 1. Nature lovers will see some of the most spectacular country around, and there are multitudes of hiking and biking trails throughout this 229 square mile park. The Watchman Trail has some of the most spectacular views of the Virgin River in the whole park. 2. Professional and amateur photographers will find some of the best material in the world to work on their photographic skills. 3. Tubing down the Virgin River is one of the best activities during the hot days of summer. 4. A trip to Gooseberry Mesa is a great reward for the mountain bikers with its outstanding trails and scenery. 5. For the equestrian in the group, there are plenty of horseback riding trails that are great for the whole family. 6. A variety of campgrounds also provide the truly nature lovers a great place to camp. When looking for a really great place to take the family and have some spectacular activities and great places to camp, Zion National Park in southwestern Utah is an excellent choice.