Another great place in southern Utah is Coyote Gulch, which is located of a fork of the Escalante River. Extending through 25 miles of gorges, deep canyons, arches, bridges, and domes that have created some of the most spectacular vistas in this part of the country, this vast gulch is a destination that travelers through this area need to spend some time visiting. With numerous places to see, Coyote Gulch has some very interesting places to see and activities available, including the following: 1. Some of the scenic gulches in this area include 'Spooky Gulch' which widens in some places to no more than 15', 'Peek-a-boo Gulch', which is a narrow sandstone ravine that has some very interesting attributes to see. 2. Hikers have a variety of great trails, and some of the most popular are the 'Red Well', 'Big Hollow Wash', 'Hurricane Wash', and 'Chimney Rock' – all with spectacular panoramic views and challenging paths. 3. Be sure to see the 'Jacob Hamblin Arch' and the 'Coyote Natural Bridge', which provides some very interesting places to walk and take a picnic lunch. 4. There are some beautiful waterfalls along the way that end in a small pond, great for freshening up or just wading in the shallow cool water. 5. Fishermen will enjoy the nearby Escalante River for testing their skills at fishing for trout, salmon, and smallmouth bass. For nature lovers, some of the best scenery in the western United States is Coyote Gulch with its incredible vistas and challenging hiking and biking trails.