The Utah State Capitol is the seat of all the 3 branches of Utah government and several other state agencies. Architect Richard K. A. Kletting designed the capitol in the year 1912. The construction of Utah State Capitol was completed in the year 1916. The capitol is one of the grandest buildings of Salt Lake City. Kletting used different modern construction techniques and materials which includes electric lighting, elevators and reinforced concrete while building the Capitol. The interiors of this magnificent structure have undergone several facelift over the years. The year 2004 was kind of a rebirth for the Utah State Capitol. An extensive renovation plan was taken up for restoring the glory of this historical building. The building is not only an important government seat; it is also a major tourist attraction of the region. The capitol building is considered to be an engineering achievement because of the wonderful technology used to build it. Millions of pounds was used to procure the base isolators and for shifting of concrete foundations. The base isolators were used to protect the building and its occupants from severe earthquakes. The beautiful interiors are the biggest attraction of the building. The capitol stands in a plot of 40 acres. It is a 4 storied building and is decorated with various artifacts and paintings. The exquisite chandelier hanging from the rotunda dome weighs about 2,700 kg. After the renovations, a reflecting pool, a beautiful plaza, underground parking and 2 new office buildings are added to the Capitol premises.