Of the over 207,000 acres that cross Wyoming and Utah, the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is one of the most spectacularly scenic places in this area – and there are some incredible parks in this part of America. This is a vast area with an enormous lake that is fed by the Green River. It received its name around 1970 when Major Powell name it after he saw the dazzling red rocks reflecting the sun's rays. At a little over 6000 feet in elevation, the water is cool and wonderful during the hot summer months. There are several great activities available around the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area such as the following: 1. With the enormous lake, all of the popular swimming and boating activities are available, as well as jet skis, parasailing, rafting, house boating, water skiing, and sailing. 2. Fishermen will be in absolute heaven in this area because the fishing for kokanee salmon and bass are great, but it's best known for the trout fishing. 3. Historical buffs will enjoy seeking the petroglyphs and other relics from the Fremont, Shoshone, Comanche, Ute, and other native tribes. 4. For the landlubbers, the Ashley National Forest is ideal for hiking and backpacking, and has an abundance of fragrant juniper and pinyon trees. 5. And the nature lovers will not be forgotten with excellent nearby campgrounds. For those traveling to the Utah and Wyoming areas be sure to spend a few days at the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, it is well worth the time.