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Wyoming is a state in the mid-western regions of the USA. The state is popularly termed as the cowboy state possibly due to its big plain and numerous ranches. Of some interest are the basins that are dotted around the centre of the state amid mountain ranges. Part of the Rocky Mountains can also be found, particularly in the Middle and Southern parts of the state. The Rocky Mountains extend up to the Wyoming Basin. The Red Rock Canyon is famous for the Pony Express Trail which was used to deliver mail in the days of the frontier. This trail was known to be treacherous especially to an unsuspecting traveller.

Meandering through the state are the magnificent rivers systems of the Mississippi, the Yellowstone, the Snake and the Big Horn amongst others. There are two breathtaking waterfalls from the Yellowstone River that should not be missed by anyone travelling or touring the state. There are a lot of exciting attractions that are waiting to be discovered in the forests. Moose and mountain lions prowl these areas.

For those people who want to relive history, the state has a number of historical sites like Fort Laramie National Historic Site as well as museums that displays artefacts from the early days when America was still wild and untamed. The museums include the Buffalo Bill Museum located at the Buffalo Bills Historical Centre and the Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum. Wyoming State would be a marvel to tourists as the area has preserved much of its natural state.
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