Situated near the border of Colorado and Utah, the Dinosaur National Monument sits near the Uinta Mountain range. What makes this corner of the world so popular with visitors is the abundant dinosaur pit that contains dinosaur bones and fossils that will fascinate people of any age. It's a very well-liked place for guests to visit and great for a vacation place. There are a variety of things to do in and around the Dinosaur National Monument, such as: 1. Part of the Dinosaur Quarry is called the 'Dinosaur Wall' that is a very steep rock wall that is full of dinosaur bones and fossils. Much of the rock has been removed so that the guests can see an abundance of these bones. 2. For the boaters in the group, a boating excursion through one of the river canyons can be a relaxing adventure and makes for a very enjoyable day. 3. Fishermen will enjoy a days fishing in one of the many rivers or stream will find striped and wide mouth bass abundant. 4. There are plenty of hiking trails that are great for a day trip backpacking or hiking along some incredible trails. 5. During the wintertime snowmobiling and sledding are available in some of the scenic parts of this park. 6. There are also plenty of places available for campers and RVers. With plenty of outdoor activities available, the Dinosaur National Monument will delight and amaze visitors from all over and provide some of the most fascinating dinosaur fossils and bones in the area.