One of the most truly amazing places in the western part of America is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in southern Utah. It covers over 1.2 million acres of national park land and features parks, canyons, rivers, a national monument, and truly some of the most spectacular scenery. The Park was instituted in 1972 as a national park as a way to maintain the geologic attributes of the area. With so much to see in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, travelers will find some of the following activities a great way to spend the day: 1. Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a natural rock formation that is made from Sandstone. It is believe that this was formed sometime around the Jurassic era and it is a sacred site to the Pueblo, Navajo, and Piute tribes. 2. Another spectacular area that guests will find scenic and incredible is the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument that was designated as a national monument in the mid 1990s. Photographers will find this area astounding. 3. Lake Powell is nearby and the canyons and waters make for some of the most spectacular sights anywhere that is visible from a boat – make sure to bring plenty of film and an extra memory stick for the digital camera. 4. Fishermen will find Lake Powell one of the best and most abundant lakes, for catching a variety of bass. Travelers will find that the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is one of the most scenic and enjoyable places in the country.