Southeastern Utah has some incredible scenery and the Hole in the Rock is no exception to the vast expanse and beauty of the Glen Canyon area. It is an historical path through some of the most rugged country imaginable. This area was discovered by a group of Mormons on their way west when they found this narrow rocky crevice leading directly down to the river, providing them a way to cross. Just think about coming through this area in a covered wagon around 130 years ago. With some spectacular scenery, the Hole in the Rock area is a great place for a vacation, and offers some of the following activities: 1. The scenic Hole in the Rock is a must-see place that photographers will have some photographic opportunities that they will remember for a lifetime. Bus tours are available at the guest center. 2. For travelers with little kiddos, a small petting zoo is available that houses zebras, buffalos, a Bactrian camel, and several other exotic animals. 3. A native American trading post is at the site for those who need that bit of shopping relief to bring home souvenirs of the area. A selection of Native arts is available. 4. A small restraint is available in the General Store when guests need a quick meal before they continue exploring the area or for putting together a picnic lunch. When exploring the southwestern part of Utah, the Hole in the Rock is one of the places that needs to be explored, and offers stunning vistas.