Salt Lake City, Utah, is home of the most famous tabernacle in the country and Temple Square is one of the most visited sites that was created by the Moron parishioners. This complex covers ten acres and includes a variety of temples, tabernacles, and monuments dedicated to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that was established by Brigham Young in the mid 1800s. With some of the most beautiful music coming out of this site, a visit to the Temple Square will be something guests will remember, with activities that include the following: 1. An activity that everyone will want to do is hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They are known world wide for their incredible voices and music and generally they are rehearsing at 8:00 on Thursday evenings or their church services on Sunday mornings. 2. One item that every visitor must see is the Mormon Tabernacle's organ which has grown to nearly 12,000 pipes and produces the most incredible sounds found anywhere. Be sure to be at the Temple at noon each day to enjoy the 30 minute recitals they do during the week and at 2:00 on Sunday afternoons. 3. The Assembly Hall is another granite hall that was built during the late 1880s and has some of the most incredible stained glass windows that have ever been created. There are two monuments to the original Mormon settlers to commemorate their survival during various disasters. The Temple Square has a variety of buildings that visitors should visit.