Overlooking the James River in Virginia, United States, Agecroft Hall is an estate built in typically Tudor style. It was originally built in Lancashire, UK, towards the end of the 15th century. It was the family home of the Langley and Dauntesey families of Lancashire which was auctioned in 1925. Thomas C. Williams, Jr. of Richmond bought it and had it shipped to the Atlantic and then assembled at a neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, called Windsor Farms. Today, the recreated Agecroft Hall stands as a museum which exhibits 15th century lifestyle. It is replete with genuine period pieces and portraits of its owners belonging to that age. There's also a sunken garden with topiary and a conventional herb garden, courtyards, boxwood hedges, brick walls and walkways—all reminiscent of the original owners' English origins, were designed by renowned British landscaper Charles Gillette, who accompanied the Williams family to the USA. Inside the original house, its Great Hall was the meeting room. Ornately decorated with expensive tapestry and wooden paneled walls and a large window, it also had armor on display. In the Great Parlor or the living room, family members would spend some private moments together. Here, you can find musical instruments, books and a game table. The Dining Parlor had a bay window, a fireplace and window seats. The table is laid close to the window for maximum sunlight. The bedrooms had ornately carved wooden beds and were personality-driven.