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Top 1 Attractions in Abydos

Popular Abydos sights and tourist spots
  • Great Temple of Abydos thumbnail
    The temple of Seti within the Great Temple of Abydos complex.
    The Great Temple of Abydos, also known as the Funerary Temple of Seti I,  is a temple-cenotaph built during the New Kingdom at Abydos in Upper Egypt by the rulers Seti I and Rameses II of Dynasty 19. Completed by the nearby Osireion, the temple acts as a monumental ex-voto intended to attract the benevolent attention of Osiris, the god of regeneration and the ruler of the afterlife, to the deceased king. Since the Middle Kingdom, it has been customary in Abydos to build chapels decorated with votive stelae to honor this deity ...

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