Ever wanted to see one of the most magnificent works of art in the world? The Great Wall of China is a work of art and is one that must be seen when you are in the vicinity of China. Stretching well over 3,948 miles in length it is one of the few man-made structures visible from space. The wall follows from east to west and its history goes back for over 2000 years. While much of the wall has come to ruin, it is one of the most historical pieces of architectural design in the whole world and is a must-see when visiting China.

Somewhere around the 7th century B.C, walls were built to help deter enemies coming from the north. When the Qin Dynasty came to be, the Wall expanded and continued even during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall of China was constructed over hills, mountains, and valleys and was built with protection in mind. With signal towers and moats, the Wall helped to keep the dynasties safe. Most of what is left of the Wall today was constructed during the Ming Dynasty and continues to stand the test of time.

If you plan to visit this wonder of the world, you will find many tours available out of Beijing. Here you will be able to visit the Great Wall of China and discover the history behind the wall within the beautiful city and shops. The culture in this part of the world is not only beautiful and historical, but it is also one that you will want to discover on your own. From the myths to the magic, exploring the Wall, you will be enthralled with everything you find.

The Great Wall of China

When you do get to visit the Great Wall of China, it is important that you plan your trip to see as much of the Wall as you can. There are, of course, many such tours that are available to you that will allow you to see different sections of the Wall from many different parts of China. Each and every section will relay another important part of Chinese history and culture to you.

When taking a tour, you'll find the Wall seems like it may be easy to maneuver. The most important thing you can do is take your time. The steps are spread high and you may find difficulty in climbing them. However, once you get to the top of the section you are exploring, you'll want to stop and take in the scenery around you. It's not only one of the most amazing sites you'll ever see, but you'll also be seeing what the ancient soldiers of China saw so many years before. Coming down, it is very important you take extra care as the stairs come down quite steeply.

Along the way of your exploration, you'll find many people have settled down and are enjoying the entertainment that is being provided by different locals in the area. You'll find many perform martial arts for the enjoyment of simply introducing others to this part of their culture.

Unfortunately, many sections of the Great Wall of China are no longer seen as they have become ruined over time. If you plan to see China, make the Great Wall a part of your journey and it is guaranteed it will be a journey not soon forgotten.