Suzhou, in the Jiangsu region of China dates back to the Shang empire of over 2500 years ago. This incredible place has been called the “Paradise on the Earth” because of its innate beauty, its traditional arboretums, rivers, lakes, music, and fascinating culture. It is a region where visitors are greeted with warm hospitality and the soft and gentle nature of the local people. There are many memorable cultural activities in Suzhou that tourists will thoroughly enjoy seeing, such as: 1. The Pan Gate is a historical attraction that was built approximately 2500 years ago, and is part of an ancient wall. It contains one of the oldest pagodas known in existence, the Ruigang Pagoda. 2. This city is known for its incredible gardens; there are many to choose from, such as the Lingering Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Retreat and Reflection Garden, and so many more for visitors to spend a relaxing walk or an enjoyable picnic. 3. I. M. Pei has designed some of the most amazing buildings in the world, and the Suzhou Museum is no exception. It houses the calligraphy, silk paintings, and ancient artwork of China, and was built in 2006. 4. For tourists who have never seen a Chinese opera, it is an experience. The music and drama of their theater is notably unique and quite enjoyable. 5. Embroidery is a 2000 year old craft in this province, and these art works are superb Suzhou has incredible beauty in the gardens and a culture rich in history and welcoming people.