Xi’an, Shannxi, is one of the most ancient, venerated, and fascinating areas in China. It was home to several extremely significant dynasties throughout their history, such as the Tang, Han, and Zhou dynasties. It is home to the one of the worlds most renowned artifact – the famous Terracotta Army from the dynasty of Qin that lasted from 221 to 206BC. There is such and abundance of sites to see and things to do in Xi’an, China Shannxi, including the following: 1. One of the most fascinating absolutely must-see sites is the Terracotta Army of the dynasty of Qin Shi Huang dating back to 210BC, which contained more than 520 horses, 130 chariots, 8000 soldiers, and so much more buried in the earth. 2. Another fascinating site is the Underground Relics Museum which is the site of the Emperor Jingdi and the Hanyang Tomb. 3. In this ancient land, museums are abundant, and the Stele Forest – formerly a Temple of Confucius from the 11th century – contains more than 3000 stone sculptures and steles, as well as numerous works of art. 4. Mount CuiHua is a beautiful park in the Qin Mountains, renown for its metamorphic from that is over a billion years old, and has wonderful trails for hiking and picnicking. 5. This area is also home to one of the most beautiful and revered Buddhist temples known as the Shengshou Temple, and it is surrounded by the Zhongnanshan Park.