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India Gate

New Delhi, Delhi, India
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Another landmark of Lutyen's Delhi is the majestic stone archway set on the eastern end of Rajpath – India Gate. Everything about and around India Gate is grand. From the enormous road that circles it, the lovely lawns flanking it, and the 42 meter high archway itself, made of red stone with 'India' written on both sides. This stunning war memorial was built to commemorate the soldiers who died during World War I and the Afghan wars. Over 70,000 names of soldiers are inscribed on the arch and after Independence the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial, the eternal flame marking the Unknown Soldier's Tomb, was added as a tribute to all the unknown heroes who died while defending the country. Though the memorial is of a serious nature, India Gate and it's surroundings are picturesque and absolutely lovely any time of the day. Whether playing host to picnickers, who come to spend the day in the lawns, or in the freezing winter when everyone drops by to eat ice cream, this grand structure is quintessentially Delhi.
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