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Kansai is one of the largest regions in Osaka-Koba area. The region is rich with ancient cities and is located to the West of the mountain barrier near Mount Fuji. Kansai is also the birthplace of the very earliest Japanese state. The Kansai region has a dense population and until the 20th century was the most industralized as well as economically advanced area in Japan.

Kanto Plain is one of the most extensive lowlands located in Japan. Kanto Plain is located in Central Honshu which faces the Pacific Ocean. It also contains the capital city of Tokoyo and is one of the most productive and populous area in Japan. Kanto Plain is located to the east of the grand Japanese mountain arc.

Naka, Tone, and Sagami rivers drain the Kanto Plains from the Northeast and Southwest. The Tone River is the most important of the three as it covers a greater part and also supplies hydroelectric power.

There are three distinct physical features that are used to characterize this plain. Firstly, there is the Tama Hills to the west which consists of older Quaternary deposits. A lot of the plain is covered with tableland that is made up of unconsolidated fanglomerate or shallow marine sediments. The River Valley Lowlands separate the regions.

The agriculture of the Kanto Plain consists of plants that can grow without a lot of irrigation. This is because the upstream reaches of this valley are gravelly and dry. On the other hand the downstream become swampy wet and deltaic.
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