Kyoto was formerly known as the capital of Japan. It is located on the southern central Honshu Island surrounded by mountains. The city is known for its history and culture. Kyoto is a fascinating city with thousands of temples and Shinto shrines, palaces, gardens, and museums. The Buddhist temples over there are more than a thousand years old. The most scenic spots are comprised within a compact area beneath the mountains. Kyoto, surrounded by the rolling mountains, has a relatively mild climate; while summers are hot and humid and winters cold. Spring and fall are meticulously pleasant with mild temperatures. Rainfalls are in the month of June and July, during which the rains are almost continuous. Kyoto is filled with many arts advanced through history and tradition. The history of Kyoto extends over 1200 years, and during this time a variety of crafts has been developed. These artistic endeavors are a particular devotion to making objects pervaded with wisdom and passion that makes human life magnificent. By constantly improving and perfecting their work, the artists of Kyoto create works that endure the beauty of Japanese everyday. Today, these traditional crafts are developed and being appreciated by the next generation. Kyoto’s industrial research has resulted in the development of many technologies, skills, and business models of an international standard because the industry is rich in creativity and universities active research. The fusion of tradition with cutting-edge technology brings results with great efforts towards creation of new industry being promoted. Kyoto is easily accessible by Tokyo and Osaka.