Davao City is the center of the Davao region, which is located in Southeastern Mindanao, Philippines. Home to diverse ethnic cultural groups and considered as one of the largest cities in the world, Davao City certainly has a lot to offer its guests from other countries.

Davao Attractions
One of the most recommended places to visit in the city of Davao is the Pearl Farm in Samal Island. Transformed into a resort ide4al for relaxation, the area used to be a place where people culture pearls of pink, gold and white from oysters of a special breed.

The crocodile park is another favorite attraction in Davao. Equipped with world-class recreation areas and facilities, the park, which is home to huge snakes, giant crocodiles and butterflies of vibrant colors, is a fun spot for both kids and adults to enjoy.

The world’s largest eagle, the Philippines eagle, has found a sanctuary Davao City. The Philippine Eagle National Center, located in Malogos brings visitors closer to nature as it gives refuge to rescued eagles and a home to eagles bred in captivity while acting, at the same time, as a research institute for the preservation of the endangered species.

Activities in Davao City
Davao City offers its guests a wide selection of activities. Aside from swimming in the beaches and playing beach volleyball on the white sand, sport activities will keep any guest busy.

Most of Davao’s coast can accommodate tourists who want to spend their time boating. People can ride speed boats, sea kayaks, local boats among others including rowing boats that can be used by children.

People can also try game fishing in Davao as well scuba diving and water skiing. The city also offers am activity called white water tubing where people sit inside the inner tube of a truck tire trying to balance as the tire turns and twists through the Sibulan River’s rapids.

Aside from water sports, horse back riding and mountain biking are activities available in Davao. More active tourists may also try to climb the Mount Apo, which takes around four days. Rappelling is another more extreme activity for visitors of the city.

Davao City Nightlife
Davao City is definitely alive during the night time. Jack’s Ridge is one of the favorites when it comes to nightlife spots in Davao as it comes equipped with restaurant and grills, a café, function halls, an amphitheater, a piano bar and a souvenir shop. The place also has a swimming pool that kids love.

While The Venue in Guerrero St. is the place where you can find the hottest parties and concerts, The Matina Town Square in is not just for cultural presentations and nightly shows but also for late night shopping as the area has numerous stalls offering various items.

There are many spots in Davao for partying and dining. But every night is made extra special not just by the good food and wonderful music, but also by the unforgettable and breathtaking views and relaxing atmosphere.