Located in Mindanao, Philippines, Zamboanga City is one of the country’s top tourist destinations. Known for its naturally-beautiful surroundings and friendly locals, this city is a veritable treasure throve of delightful sites, unique cultural traditions and fun recreational activities.

During the early days, Zamboanga City was referred to as the “Land of the Flowers” and actually derived its name from the word “Samboangan”. As a former colony of Spain, the city showcases much of the colorful Spanish traditions and culture. This is perhaps the reason why Zamboanga is considered as a Latin City.

Zamboanga City Attractions
When visiting this lovely city, tourists will certainly be busy with the many attractions that include historical and cultural landmarks. The Pasonaca Park is very popular for it is the only park in the country that features a stream in its midst. The park is brimming with gorgeous flowering plants and trees as well as 600 species of orchids. In addition, visitors should not miss checking out the Zamboanga City Hall, Plaza Pershing, Cawa-Cawa Boulevard, Yakan Weaving Center and the Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach. These attractions will guarantee you wonderful and unforgettable experiences.

Zamboanga City Events
Having one of the richest cultures in the country, Zamboanga City offers its guests with plenty of festival and events to participate in. For starters, there is the Summer Festival that features numerous outdoor activities including mountain bike racing and kite-flying. The event culminates with a parade of the city’s prettiest ladies. Another event is the Zamboanga Hermosa or locally-known as the Fiesta Pilar. The festival hosts several programs including the Regatta de Zamboanga, Cultural Street Dancing and Chabacano Song Festival. Aside from these, there are also trade fairs, exhibits and competitions.

Zamboanga City Nightlife
Although the days in the city can be a bit slow-paced, the nighttime offers more excitement and fun. Weekend nights are the time when both the locals and tourists unwind after their busy work week. Zamboanga City actually has numerous bars and restaurants that offer lively music, great food and friendly locals. There is the Ground Zero Disco that visitors can go to enjoy a night of dancing. For amazing seafood meals, visitors will simply have to check out the Alavar Seafood House, which is very popular for its mouthwatering prawns and crabs. Vegetarians, on the other hand, will be delighted with the great meals prepared at Ryan Food Hauz.

Getting around this city is not difficult. There are plenty of public transportation that includes jeepneys, taxis and tri-cycles. Visitors can also choose to get rental cars so they could easily move around Zamboanga City and visit the numerous attractions. There are also plenty of hotels, which offer 5-star accommodations and their rates are quite reasonable.

The amazing sights and sounds of this small city have already fueled a thriving tourism industry. Its colorful past and promising future makes Zamboanga City one of the country’s must-see destinations. With so many things to offer, visitors can not help but fall in love with the city.