The Boston Harbor Islands are actually a group of approximately 35 islands that are identified as a National Recreation Area near Boston, Massachusetts, and these include some great places to see in addition to some fantastic activities. Some of the most interesting places to see are islands named Raccoon, Hangman, Little Calf, Grape, Bumpkin, and many more with interesting names and unusual histories. Thirteen of these islands actually form the Boston Harbor Island State Park that was developed in the 1970s. Boston Harbor itself is one of the greatest natural ports on the east coast. There are many things to do in these Boston Harbor Islands, and some of the activities include: • Take a trip to Hangman Island which is one of the most rugged and difficult to access not much there but it's a great place for those who like a challenging hike with plenty of rocky ledges overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. • Campers would enjoy Grape Island because of the wooded campsites, great hiking trails, and particularly the abundance of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and elderberries growing and ready to eat. • Visitors would enjoy taking a boat ride around these islands that are offered by many of the captains in the Boston Harbor. • Birdwatchers will particularly enjoy Green Island and spotting the red-winged blackbirds Cormorants, black backed gulls and many avian species. • Fishermen will find it challenging to fish for striped bass. Spend a day along the Boston Harbor Islands and enjoy the sights.