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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island located between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands.

The island offers a diversity of scenery and climate for a vacation location. In San Juan you can tour the historic district and walk through an abandoned fort. San Felip del Morro castle is nice. If natural sites are your venue, walk through the rainforest El Yunque or tour Cave Park. All typical island activities are available and a few unusual ones too including: attending a cock fight, diving off Mona Island, and spending the evening at Mosquito Bay etc.

Puerto Rico is a unique destination in many ways. Part of the United States since 1898, its people was conferred US citizenship in 1917. The US dollar is the local currency, and tourists from mainland Unites States do not need passports or visas to visit. Because of its unique location in the middle of the arc of the Antilles, it has been greatly influenced by both Hispanic and Anglo cultures. No surprise then that English and Spanish are the main languages.

The region has had a long history of Spanish domination. The Spaniards built the roadways, the towns, the churches and the lighthouses. They also brought in African slaves to work in the fields. There was a presence of native Indian, as well. Later the United States played a major role in the politics and economy of the region and this aspect continues to this date.

The weather of Puerto Rico is as perfect as it can be, hovering between 22.7 and 29.4 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Its famed natural beauty by way of its amazing beaches, its architectural treasures including old Spanish era lighthouses, quaint fishing villages, its forests, its coffee plantation museums and the general friendly air about the country ensure that it gets hordes of visitors. Apart from the US, they come from Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, France and even Asia.

The fact that Puerto Rico offers a diverse range of attractions to include concerts, sporting events, amazing architecture, breathtaking beauty and easy accessibility explains its popularity.

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