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Viejo San Juan in Puerto Rico is the historic district on the western part of the San Juan islet, near Puerta de Tierra. This old part of the city was founded in 1509 – a walled and fortified city that is used to protect the entrance into the Spanish Main from the attacks of the Dutch and British. The fortifications were used to protect the gold, silver and other precious metals that passed through this area en route to Spain. The 42-foot high city wall spans a great area and is made of limestone, sand, mortar and water.

This is an area that is replete with history, and what's more, most of the old quarter has remained intact. It is an area which has the largest collection of historical architecture within its 7-square blocks.

Amble along the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and make your own journey of discovery of the historical and cultural gems it has to offer... read more arrow
For over a century, Teatro Tapia has provided entertainment by way of operas and stage dramas. It has been the center of San Juan, Puerto Rico's cultural life. It was built in the early 1830s and named Teatro Municipal but was eventually renamed after the well-loved and renowned Puerto Rican playwright, Alejandro Tapia y Rivera. It is located at Calle Fortaleza in Plaza Colon, along with other cultural landmarks.

The project was spearheaded by Governor Miguel de la Torre, along with Government Secretary Pedro Tomas de Cordova. They raised money for the construction of the theater by imposing taxes on liquor and imported bread as well as by selling subscriptions to the seats in the theater. The remaining proceeds were used to establish the Seminario Conciliar.

The Teatro Tapia is built in the form of a horse-shoe and the design exudes a unique Italian mood that is quite breathtaking... read more arrow
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