In Central America’s country, Nicaragua, the most popular city for tourists is Granada. Anyone visiting this beautiful city loves to be part of its scenic beauty—the volcanoes nearby, the brightly-colored buildings, the sunny days and of course paddling canoes on Lake Nicaragua.

Granada is well set to accept and make comfortable all the tourists who come here. It has good hotels of all levels, restaurants and activities for travelers no matter what their budget may be. If you want to visit Granada, you’ll arrive at the country’s international airport in Managua.

If you’re coming in on a domestic airline from another part of the country, you can opt for a shuttle or public bus. If you’re coming in from anywhere else, go to the local stop and keep a ear out for someone shouting, "Granada." Soon you’ll find someone coming up to you and directing you to the correct bus.

If you’re out for a good time in Granada, you can head out yourself to see the sights or go on a guided tour. You could visit park at the Volcan Mombacho. If you want to see glowing lava, it will have to be in the evening. The Volca Masaya night tour is best for this, which includes a visit to the caves where refugees lived in the Sandinista period. It’s also a good idea to go paddling on the pleasant and placid Lake Nicaragua. Explore the Isletas to see the exquisite island homes and the trees of fruits and flowers.