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Panama Country Guide


Panama is the southernmost country of the Central America. Panama has an isthmus, a small strip of land connecting two large land masses, which connects the North and South America. While Panama is best known because of Panama Canal, a waterway connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, tourism is yet a booming economy in this country.

Thus, to give you a new and exciting destination, we will give you herewith some of the things you can do in Panama. You will surely love the magnificence of the country and the experience will surely make you go back again and again.

Things to do in Panama

Panama Canal

A visit to Panama is never complete without the tour into the Panama Canal. Panama Canal is a man-made canal. It is one of the largest and most challenging projects undertaken by the engineering industry. This project is so controversial that it is estimated to have lost 27,500 workmen during the construction.

All sizes of vessels call on the Panama Canal and if you want a clear view of this wonderful engineering project, you can go to the Miraflores Visitor Center. In the center, you will enjoy the site and the history that led to the development of this famous Canal. An excellent film on the building of the Canal and terrace close up views of ships transiting through would be an attraction you should not miss.

If watching film about the canal is not enough, you can go on a mini-cruise where the history and the experience will be served on you.

City Tour

Tourists who have gone to panama recommend that you take the City Tour. This tour will encompass three major Panama Cities: Casco Viejo - the colonial city, Panama Viejo – the original Panama City, and the modern skyscraper city.

It is said that if you take the City tour, you will go down memory lane and back to reality.

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is a 333 year old Spanish colonial city. In this tour, you will see historical buildings that showcase the history of Spain, France and the United States. 17th century architecture is on display in the restored historic buildings including churches, convents and residences.

You may also see the French monument where it commemorates the 22,000 Frenchmen who are believed to have died during the Panama Canal construction.

Panama Viejo

This tour is part of the Panama City tour. This is for the historical buff and people who want to see the old structures and community that catered as a gateway to the Spanish conquest to Latin America.

There is a wonderful museum that will provide answer to your questions and feed your inquisitive mind.

Flora and Fauna

There is a rainforest in the city. It houses the tropical flora and fauna of Panama. You may extend your experience to go up the Metropolitan Park Canopy Crane and experience how scientists from the Smithsonian Institute research the rainforest.

Souvenirs and handicraft shops are likewise aplenty and tourism is Panama will provide what your palate desires in many ways.

You may likewise take a tour that will give you the chance to experience the isthmus, but before you go, ensure that you research your destination to ensure that everything that Panama has to offer will be incorporated in your itinerary. Better yet, ask you travel agent and book your trip to panama. Ensure that all the best places are included in your Panama tour.

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