Few human-made features in this world carry more importance than the Panama Canal does. This canal has a unique property that no other human-made features can match. This canal connects the two biggest oceans in the world with each other. The Panama Canal is a canal of huge size. It is a major canal for shipping in the region. The canal runs through the Isthmus of Panama. It connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean in the Central American region. If you plan to visit this region, it is better than visiting it in the winter season. The summers are too hot and humid in this area, and it may not be very convenient for you to visit the region in the summers. Panama Canal is a world-famous canal. It is popular not only because it connects the two biggest oceans of the world but also because it was a huge project from an engineering perspective. The two massive water bodies were to be connected to each other. It took a lot of time, and the engineers really needed to concentrate fully on the project. The project, after its completion, has proved itself to be extremely successful as a canal. The trade between the two oceans and the continents located around these oceans has increased a lot due to this canal's construction. In the earlier days, if a ship had to carry some goods from Africa or Europe to the Western coast of South America or even North America, the ship had to follow the route near Cape Horn. Cape Horn is the southern tip of the continent of South America. It was a long travel, which was why shipping and trade between such parts of the world were uncommon. With the construction of this canal, the route has been reduced to half of its original length. The obvious result is that the canal is frequently used to transfer goods from one part of the world to the other.  If you travel through the earlier route, you have to travel more than fourteen thousand miles by sea while with the construction of this canal, if you have to travel between San Francisco and New York while using this waterway, you only need to travel six thousand miles. The distance is reduced to half of the distance which ships had to travel in earlier days. This reduction of traveling time and distance is an obvious advantage for frequent travelers and businesses. The idea of constructing a canal here in Panama is a very old one. If you look at the historical facts, even in the 1600s, people were interested in building a canal here. It was a massive project, and no one dared to start with it before the 1880s. In the 1880s, the project started with the French leading it from the front. The French started with this project but were not able to complete it. There were lots and lots of accidents, and more than 22,000 workers died due to these accidents. The project was topped then, and the United States of America actually completed it in the 20th century. The canal officially opened in 1914.   

The construction of this canal was not an easy task. The canal is 48 miles long. The 48 miles of this canal were built after passing through a lot of problems. It was not easy to construct this canal. There were a lot of epidemics like yellow fever and malaria. There were frequent landslides. All these incidents slowed down the process of construction of this canal. More than 5,000 workers died in the final attempt to construct this canal which the United States led.  The canal is a huge engineering project, and its maintenance is essential. The Panama Canal has proved itself to be very useful until it has become operative. The canal has seen at least 14,000 ships passing through it every year. A total cargo volume of more than two hundred million tons passes through this canal annually.  The project has thus proved itself to be a very successful project from an economic point of view.  It takes a ship some nine hours to pass through this canal. The canal is big enough to let the yachts and large-sized commercial ships pass through it. However, there is a limit to the size of the ship which can pass through this canal. The maximum size which can easily sail through this canal is called Panamax. The vessels which are being constructed nowadays are most often larger than the Panamax. All those companies that have to trade across this canal need their ships to be built according to the Panama Canal size. Otherwise, it takes much longer to deliver the goods.  The canal's construction under the United States of America flag took place in much better and improved medical conditions. Due to the improved medical conditions, the death toll was much reduced. The site was ideal for the construction of such a canal. The construction of the Panama canal has proved itself to be the right solution for many trade problems. It is a unique piece of human engineering efforts. It is a must-visit place. Traveling through the Panama Canal in a cruise ship may be the best idea to visit and explore this wonder of the world.