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Hotel Paris in Prague
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Hotel Paris in Prague

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The Hotel Paris is one of the most famous historic hotel in Prague.


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This Neo-Gothic style Hotel was opened to the public in 1904. The hotel had ups and downs throughout its rich history. However, in the 1950s, it was a symbol of wealth. In 1984, it was declared a historical monument, as it was one of the oldest hotels in Prague.


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The Hotel Paris in Prague has a Neo-gotic architectural style.

Site features

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The interior is unique and beautiful, covered in mosaics, iron railing, glass mirrors, and exquisite chandeliers, making it one of Prague's most beautiful interiors.

There is a tower in the hotel with large windows that offers a spectacular 360' view over the whole city of Prague. It is situated right in the city center near all main attractions at walking distance.

The best room in this hotel is the Tower Suite, allowing you to see the whole Prague Old Town right from your bed. Stairs connect the suite to the outside seating area with a 360' view of the whole city.

There is a restaurant within the hotel, "Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant" that is a choice of many famous people, including actors and singers. In this 5-star restaurant, you can find meals that combine French cuisine and modern Czech food. The interior is covered in blue mosaics and beautiful lightning that make the ambiance, along with good food, a truly unique guest experience.

Visiting information and tips

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Rate per night: from 168 Euro,

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