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Since the year 1918, the Czech Republic had been a part of the country of Czechoslovakia. After the country was partitioned in the year 1993, the Czech Republic is now considered as an independent country of its own. The country is made out of two ancient states: Moravia, which was a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and Bohemia.

Although the Czech Republic is a fairly young nation, it is also the most industrialized country in the central region of Europe. In fact, 40% of the entire workforce in the country is employed in different manufacturing companies. This is because when the Czech Republic became an independent country, much of the companies have become privatized. Most of the land in the country is owned by either the state or by cooperatives. And while the farmlands in the Czech Republic have the highest grain yields in the entire central region of Europe, majority of the grains are fed to livestock which, in turn, allows them to produce the meat and milk which the country is known for.

The best place to start your visit to the Czech Republic is to kick things off at the capital city of Prague. Recognized as one of the most beautiful capital cities in all of Europe, Prague is a city that has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. One of the prime tourist attractions in the city is the Historic Center of Prague which is filled with Romanesque rotundas and Gothic cathedrals. It has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. Another favorite tourist attraction is the House of the Black Madonna which contains exhibitions portraying Czech Cubism. Other attractions include the National Gallery, State Opera and Rudolfinum.

Travelers visiting the Czech Republic are also treated to its rich historical heritage. There are over 2,000 different castles and chateaux that surround the entire country. Out of these, 200 are open to the general public. The most visited castles in the country are the Karlstejn Castle and the Cesky Castle.

The Czech Republic is also known all over the world for its luxurious spas. Over 40 different spa sites are found throughout the country. Many of these have their own parks where locals and tourists can come to relax and unwind. These spas provide an excellent quality of medical care with the use of natural herbs and elements, with some providing you access to fresh natural mineral springs.

While you are in the Czech Republic, make sure that you get to sample some of their finest brews. The country has a brewing tradition that dates back to hundreds of years. It is this traditional method that has been responsible for some of the most popular beers in the world such as Budweiser, Budvar and Pilsner.

The Czech Republic has long been known for its Bohemian glass. Ever since the 1300s, the Bohemians located in the southern part of the country have manufactured this beautifully decorated glass which is made from the fine sands that are solely found in this region. Prized for its high quality and elegance, these would make a great souvenir of your trip to this remarkable country.

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