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The region of Moravia occupies the eastern region of the country of the Czech Republic. It is comprised of the regions of South Moravia, Zlin, South Bohemia, Moravian-Silesia, Olomouc, Pardubice, and Vysočina. Moravia shares its borders with Poland and Czech Silesia to the north, Slovakia to the east, Lower Austria to the south and the region of Bohemia to the west.

Moravia had been once an independent kingdom during the 9th century whose region of authority spanned all the way to the region of Bohemia and other nearby territories. Today, the region of Moravia is recognized as one of the many historical regions not just in the country of the Czech Republic, but in the entire Central European region. This is primarily due to the fact that while much of the region shows signs of industrializations and progress, the region of Moravia has sought to preserve its rich cultural heritage. Everywhere you go within the region, you are sure to find quaint picturesque villages which have been lovingly preserved and historical attractions.

One of the prime historical attractions here in Moravia is the historical town of Olomouc. Recognized as the most important historical town, next to the capital city of Prague, the town maintains its ancient beauty. From its cobbled streets to its beautiful Baroque churches and fountains, travelers visiting this quaint town feel that they have been taken back to a place where time had seemed to have stood still. Although this might have been the case, there are also a number of cheap bars where one can relax and mingle with the locals.
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