Young and vibrant Montpellier, France, about 11 kms from the Mediterranean coast, is a fusion of old Europe with the modern world. Steeped in history, one can find architecture dating between the 16th and 20th century. At the same times, the streets that have witnessed such ancient history are house to some of the top international brands. Statistics state that one out of two residents in Montpellier is under 35 years. No wonder the city is so dynamic and vibrant!
If you want to get around Montpellier in the old-fashioned way, try the horse drawn carriages that run between the Promenade du Peyrou and the Esplanade. You can also garner local information and gossip through the carriage drivers. A holiday to Montpellier is not complete without visiting St. Pierre Cathedral with its twin church towers. Château du Flaugergues, a majestic 17th century chateau, has a good collection of art and furniture on display. For the wine lovers, one can taste the wine of Coteaux de la Mejanelle vineyard and even purchase some for the trip back home. The Piscine Olympique d'Antigone is an aquatic park. It has a huge swimming pool, gym, solarium and also a pool with a lot of slides. If you are interested in astronomy, La Tour de la Babotte is the place for you. At a height of 26 meters, the tower is used as an observatory. For art lovers, the Musée Fabre has art pieces of Italian, Dutch and recent French painters. One can visit Montpellier between May and June or the fall season.