Place de la Comedie is the 'heart' of Montpellier in France. Although it is not its center in terms of geographical position, it is the center of Montpellier as it is where the locals, mostly the young, stay to hang out, people-watch and chat with friends. This plaza is where the life of the city ebbs and flows. You can join the locals and sit at the many cafes in the area and watch the hustle and bustle of the people going by, even as you sip your cup of hot latte. Located at the south-west area of the city center, Place de la Comedie is in the Herault department in France. This is also the area where most of the city fortifications are located. The Place de la Comedie is also fondly called by locals as 'L'Oeuf', which literally means 'the egg'. It is called such because it is shaped like an egg, its ovoid shape housing some cafes, bars, and shops. It may also be called such because it is marvelously paved with cream-colored marble. At the Place de la Comedie, you will find the fascinating fountain called the Three Graces Fountain or the Fontaine des Trois Graces. These Graces are based on Greek Mythology's Aglaea (the grace for beauty), Thalia (the grace for good cheer) and Euphrosyne (the grace of mirth). This water fountain was sculpted by Etienne d'Antoine and was originally placed in the Fabre Museum in the late 1980s. However, because the museum was being refurbished, this was later moved to the Opera Comedie which is found at the square. It is an ideal place to start your exploration of Montpellier, since it is flanked by the train station, the Polygone shopping center, and the historic city center. It is also where you can find the Opera Comedie, from which is it named. The Opera Comedie is a fabulous 19th century opera house. This can seat around 1,200 people and was designed by architect Joseph Marie Cassien Bernard. There are also a number of 19th century buildings surrounding the plaza. For those who want to go for a spot of shopping, there is the Polygone shopping center. The Polygone houses around 120 shops in its three floors – great shopping opportunities for those on the lookout for great fashion bargains. The Plaza also leads to a street called the Rue de la Loge, which has all sorts of boutiques and shops – it even has a Virgin Megastore. There is also the Rue de l'Aiguiillerie, which has magic stores as well as ethnic boutiques. An esplanade lined with trees and fountains (La Place) leads to Le Corum, which is an excellent example of modern architecture, with its pink granite roof and its structure . It is a popular convention center and also has an opera house named the Berlioz. Then there is also the Fabre Museum, which houses a collection of 17th to 19th century greats in the French, Italian, Flemish, Dutch and Spanish art world, such as Raphael, Veronese, Delacroix and Jan ven Steen. Place de la Comedie is also the place where you can find some of the major open-air concerts and shows, as well as daily street entertainment.